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Daman Odia Movie – A Pan India Success


Daman Odia Movie – A Pan India Success. The film fans across India are loving our own Odia Movie Daman. For now the film is released in Odia with English subtitles. Daman is expected to release in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & Kannada in December 2022.

Daman stars Superstar Babushaan Mohanty, Dipanwit Das Mohapatra.


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Daman Odia Movie Cast & Crew

Released on: 04 November 2022

Production Co.: JP Motion Pictures

Directed by: Debiprasad Lenka, Vishal Mourya

Produced by: Deependra Samal

Story: Debiprasad Lenka, Vishal Mourya

Editing: Debiprasad Lenka

Art: Bishu

Makeup: Sudhir

Costumes: Arun

Cinematography: Pratap Rout

Lyrics: Bapu Goswami, J P Wordsmith

Music: Gaurav Anand

Cast: Babushaan Mohanty, Dipanwit Das Mohapatra and others

Genre: Drama

  • DaMan Odia Movie All Songs:
  • Nichhatiya Mana (Singer(s): Babushaan Mohanty | Lyrics: J P Wordsmith)
  • Dhemsa (Singer(s): Anurag Das (Lulu), Gaurav Anand | Lyrics: J P Wordsmith)
  • Daman – Title Song (Singer(s): Rituraj Mohanty | Lyrics: J P Wordsmith)
  • Ekla Chale Re (Singer(s): Gaurav Anand | Lyrics: Bapu Goswami )


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