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Boita Bandana and Karthik Purnima

bali yatra 2012

“Jare Danga Bhasi ja Nauka mora Bhasi ja “

Panchuka “a Five day Celebration”

For all the five days the women after bath in the early morning draw “Murja” (beautiful flower-designs) around the ‘chaura’ (a small temple like structure with a ‘Tulsi’ plant overhead) with colour powders produced indigenously. Fasting for the day is commonly observed. Most of the Shiva temples get crowded with devotees offering prayers to Lord Shiva who is said to have killed the demon ‘Tripurasura’ on this day. Group singing of ‘kirtans’ and loud beating of ‘Mrudanga’ and cymbals continue for the whole day.

Danga Bhasa/Boita Bandana – An Ancient Festival

“Aka Maa Boi , Pana Gua Thoi , Barsaka Dharma Tora , Dina ka Dharma Mora”

Danga Bhasa/Boita Bandana is one of the ancient festival of the state.The festival reminds the maritime glory of Odisha . In olden days the “Sadhaba Pua’s” (Sea traders) used to sail off to distant islands like Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Ceylon etc. for their trade by huge boats (‘Boita/Danga’). The women of the community were giving them a hearty send off on this day. The days are now gone, but the memory is still alive. Now, people float tiny boats made out of cork and coloured paper or bark of the banyan tree while reminiscing the past glory. This is called “Boita Bandana”.

Historic Bali Yatra 2012  “The Biggest Trade Fair in Odisha”

The Silvercity of Odisha is all set for Bali yatra 2012 with the newly made welcome gate .The gate built at a whooping cost of Rs 54 lakh by the Cuttack Municipal Corporation is 40 feet high.While the show begins on 28th November 2012 , the preparation for the festive is in full swing across the river bed of Mahanadi.

Bali yatra is held over 37 acres, of which 23 acres are on the Mahanadi river bed and 14 on Kila Maidan near the Barabati fort.The historic Bali Yatra began in Cuttack on Thursday. The fair beginning from the full moon day of Kartik is organized every year as a reminder of Odisha’s rich maritime past. The fair visited by lakhs of people will continue for seven days.

It is said that you will find everything here for purchase  expect family members.The festive is also famous for special Thunkapuri  .Join us this Bali yatra . We will bring to you all the updates of the Festive exclusively on OdiaLive.”The Best Awarded web portal for Odisha”.Bali yatra is also celebrated in the Sea beach of Paradeep .

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