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Best 5 Odia Bedtime Stories


1) Michua Radhua: The man who roared like the Jungle KingRadhua, A boy lived in a village whose job was to take care of cows of his boss and take them to the jungle. He loved fooling & pranking his fellow villagers in the name of a ferocious tiger. These lies made him pass his time by mocking on the villagers. But he has no idea of his deadly future. He never knew one day his true screams would reach no ears & a real tiger would make a fool out of him & kill him eventually! As a child, it was Radhua who made us realize that some liars are so expert that they deceive themselves in the end.

Moral of the Story : The reward of lie might be very deadly and worse. Therefore, no cries.

2) Baula Gai: Honesty is the best policy. This cow got the guts to impress the king of the jungle.

We are always preached by our elders, the golden rules to stay truthful & loyal. And this story of a faithful cow posed the best example to guide us in an honest way. The tiger was so awed on seeing the cow’s committed return after feeding her calf that he decided not to gulp her down. For all her devotion, she was let free with honour.


2) Lobhi Kukura: Synonym to greedy is this dog

This tale of a desirous dog was the best take on greediness which our story-tellers spooned us with. Mouthed with a juicy bone, the dog’s own reflection in the water was enough to entice him. Such was his fancy that he happened to lose his piece of bone the very moment he barked. Greed, in the end, fails even the greedy. Somehow we learned that right!

3) Chatura Topiwala: He got an IQ higher than the monkeys

This cap-vendor was clever enough to trick even the mischievous monkeys. The way he playfully earned back his caps make us revere him even to this day. His cunningness to drop his own cap and letting the monkeys imitate the same always made us monkey-clap. And what the vendor taught was that the trick to playing smart is knowing when to play dumb!

5) Tuan Tuin: This couple had the audacity to scare the tiger

Never can we forget this couple’s story that deceived a tiger over a Chakuli Pitha. Failing to keep their promise of offering Chakuli Pitha to the tiger, Tuan was pretty smart to cook a Pitha out of white pebbles. How hilarious it was to find that eventually, Tuan’s loud fart sound saved the couple from the Tigers’ rage. Fear not the biggest, but the brightest. Credits to Tuan-Tuin for this enlightenment!



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