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Balasore boy develops a robot with Human feelings

andro-humanoid robot

Neelamadhaba Behera hails from Santaragadia village in Balasore district
has developed the robot, dubbed as ROBO-NEEL, in 10 months

Neelamadhaba, a young boy from Odisha, claimed that he has developed the first humanoid robot of Odisha. He has come up with an andro-humanoid robot, which can express feelings like humans, do household chores and serve the elderly people.

Neelamadhaba Behera lives in Santaragadia village in Balasore district of Odisha has developed the robot, dubbed as ROBO-NEEL, in 10 months. The andro-humanoid robot is capable of multi-tasking.It is can used for entertainment, education of children & also in hotels and restaurants .

According to the young scientist, an andro-humanoid robot is an automation, which resembles a human both in appearance and behavior and acts like a human. ROBO-NEEL has been developed so meticulously that it can express sadness, happiness and anger and communicate with people.

He also says – “I have developed the technology in such a way that the robot can resemble anyone’s face. We can use the robot in place of our dead relatives. It can also help elderly people by serving them and solving their problems,” said 18-year-old Neelamadhaba, who is now preparing for entrance examinations to take admission in technical course.

The 5.3-foot robot has a lot of sensors which make it an advanced and smart one. It has controllers like human brain, sensors like human eye, nose and ear and motorised systems like human muscles and joints.
The ‘machine human’ receives outside commands through its sensors and then its controller commands automatically to act as per the requirement. Its sound recognising sensor detects words, sounds and responds to it accordingly. Its face, made of silicon, can express feelings like a human being.

An IIT aspirant, Neelamadhaba dreamt of the robot after he came to know that India does not have an andro-humanoid robot so far. With the experience he acquired during the development of his first robot ‘Atom 3.7’, he was confident of making it possible in a year.

Atom 3.7 robot was appreciated by all and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik honoured him with Odisha Youth Innovation Award that carrying a cash prize of ` one lakh.“I started the andro-humanoid project in July last year and completed it in May this year. With some prize money and donations received from private organisations, I have spent around ` three lakh for the project,” he said.

“The Science and Technology Department has asked me to give a detailed presentation on my new robot. The officials will examine my system with the help of robotics experts. Hopefully, I will meet them early next month,” he said. Neelamadhaba now plans for his big ticket project like Defence Hexapod Robot, which would look like a spider having many legs by which it can go anywhere and any place and help Indian Army in their missions.

World’s First andro-humanoid robot

Sophia is world’s first andro-humanoid robot. Developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics, it is modeled after actress Audrey Hepburn and is known for her human-like appearance and behavior compared to other robotic variants. It uses artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition.

andro-humanoid robot



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