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Arab Attar’s fragrance has the Odia essence

kewda flower and attar

Many are not aware of the fact that  the ingredients of Attar, the fragrant perfume highly popular in Arab and other Muslim countries in particular and among perfume lovers of the world in general  is prepared from the essence of Kewda flower. And, 95% of the total Kewda flower exported from India is collected from four blocks of Ganjam district. Ganjam coastline, especially the area in the blocks of Chatrapur, Rangeilunda, Patrapur and Chikiti, is famous for the aromatic Kewda plantations. Attar produced from Kewda extracts is considered rare. One litre of Kewda extract is sold at a price of whooping 2.5 lakhs in the market. Estimated as an annual market of 300 crores, here Kewda flower cultivation and collection is the major source of livelihood for more than 50 thousand families. In Gunjam, there are 197 registered Kewda essence distillation factories. Economy of Kewda is so strong and deep rooted here that two decades ago local people refused to give land for the proposed Tata steel plant.

Kewda Flower Essential Oil with White India Sandalwood Oil. The Kewda flower has a smooth, refreshing balsamic scent. It’s a pleasing floral scents, but not too sweet, with hints of hyacinths and honey. Kewda Attar is good for releasing creative blocks, especially for artists and writers.One of the flowers which is dear to the Indian heart is the Kewda(Pandanus odoratissimus) It grows on a small tree or shrub which is both cultivated and grows wild in coastal areas. It can also be found in some inland districts but the flowers seem to create their most exquisite floral bouquet in certain coastal localities, the most famous being the Ganjam district of Odisha/Orrisa. The tree/shrub can reach a height of 18 feet. The densely branched plant is supported by aerial roots forming a thick impenetrable jungle. The long leaves possess prickly spines along the edges and mid-ribs making the plant tough to handle for those not use to their peculiar nature. The male flower “spikes”(a better technical word is inflorescence  are 10-20 inches long. Along the central stalk of spike one can fine many true flowers each encased in a fragrant cream-colored spathe; a spathe being a leaf like structure enclosing a flower. A fully mature Kewda tree produces about 30-40 flower spikes each year weighing 5-6 each ounces each!!!!
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