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Ashiit Patra Hopes To Win Over Audience With Odia Cineplay

A Cineplay in Odia. Yes, Sakharam Binder is an upcoming Odia Cineplay all set to release this September. There is a rise in good content in Odia Cinema in last 2-3 years. A special treat is in store this september for Odia film fans. ‘Sakharam Binder’, a cineplay is allset to be release on youtube by BrajaLaxmi Movies.

Cineplay is a play presented on screen as cinema while keeping its dramatic soul alive and original essence undisturbed. Sakharam Binder is the first of its kind & a complete new concept in Odisha.

According to the director & lead actor Ashiit Kumar Patra, said that the trailer of the movie will be released on Ganesh Chaturthi, but the release date of the cineplay is yet to be decided.

‘Sakharam Binder’ was banned after its stage debut for alleged vulgarity. The ban was lifted after two years. Sakharam Binder is written in Marathi by noted playwright Vijay Tendulkar in 1972.

The lead actor & the debut director Ashiit, who has performed in over 200 plays since 2005, loved the story of Sakharam Binder when he came across it.

Ashiit has translated the story into Odia and planned a cineplay,” Sakharam is a book binder who does not believe in marriage. He prefers live-in relationships with women.

The cineplay is directed by Ashiit and Sunil Pattnaik and features Ashiit, Sweta Acharya, Reshmanjali, Sujit Paikray and Pintu Nanda.

The shooting of Sakharam Binder is completed in 2-hour and 40-minute long cineplay in one house. According to the production house, the shooting the movie started after the first wave of coronavirus but was stopped for the outbreak of the second wave.

Actor Ashiit Kumar Patra is known for his films Bhairab and Nayaka ra Naa Devdas.

The trailer of the first Odia Cineplay is released on youtube and now availble on VTunes Pro.

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