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Asit Patra opening up about his recent release Nayaka ra Naa Devdas


Five points why Nayaka ra Na Devdas is a Must Watch?

>  The great story of Devdas has been celebrated many times in Indian Cinema. Almost all the big regional film industries have experimented on the story of Devdas.  This is the first time its made in Odia. So the very first reason should be this.

>  The involvement of big names in the film. The film is been made on a bigger scale. Big names of Ollywood including Bijay Mohanty, Mihir Das, Aparajita Mohanty, Anu Choudhary and others.

>  Nayaka ra Naa Devdas is a family drama and you can watch it with family.

>  The film is shot on expensive sets and also in various beautiful locations in Rajasthan, Chitrakut and various parts of Odisha.

>  The film will add Ollywood in the list of film industries which made Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Devdas to a film.


 Please share your experience about your Odia debut film Bhairab?

Bhairab was shot in around 22 days. Most of the shots in the film were shot outdoor and though it was the rainy season, it was very challenging to complete the film in the scheduled time.  The character was very challenging. I have played various characters in theatre; still, it was tough to play Bhairab.  Though the film was not a commercial success but the love I got from those audiences and critics who watched the film gave me the strength to sign Nayaka ra Naa Devdas.

How do you differentiate Ollywood from other regional film industries?

I don’t have that much knowledge of other regional film industries to compare with our industry. But I can say though south industries have a maximum number or Cinema Halls and have their own set of audience, so they could make big-budget films. Ollywood also makes a good number & quality of films if compared to Assamese, Nepalese film industry. Directors and producers should come forward to make films like Nimki, Bhairab, Champion.

Share our readers the experience of Theatre and how it differs from Movies?

When acting is concerned, the relation of actor & his character is the same in both theatre and films is the same. While there are no retakes in theatre, there is an opportunity for an actor to redo the scene and reach perfection in films.

According to Odia film critics, Asit Patra is made for Bollywood? How do you take it?

I thank all those lovely people who appreciated my work in Bhairab and Devdas. It’s a very big compliment for me.  I want to say all Odia film audience to accept me in Ollywood too. I am very much into books since my childhood. I have read the novel Devdas much before I watched Shahrukh Khan’s Devdas. Which actor will say no to Devdas? I got super excited when the producer shared his idea about NRND and accepted it.




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