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Aparadh : Odia Short Film Trailer

triple-m-CorpAparadh..a film about a Criminal who is telling his story from a Journalist’s point of view.The film reflects the Society.The film is already screened in Basudha Film
Festivals-2014.The film is directed by Sidharth Goutam.The short film features Pranab,Prasanna Rath
Bhabna Acharya,Rishab Kumar,Saswat Sumantra Rath
Sumit Panda,Radha Krushna.Music and background is composed by Som-Yo.R.Anshuman Dash is the assistant & Production Manager and dialogues by Pranab Prasanna Rath.

Aparadh Cast and Crew 

a Scheme | the creativity continues & RBPPR Presentation

Directed by-Sidharth Goutam
Cast-Pranab Prasanna Rath
Bhabna Acharya
Rishab Kumar
Saswat Sumantra Rath
Sumit Panda
Radha Krushna
Music & Background Score by-Som-Yo
Tarunn Sahoo
Assistant & Production Manager-R Anshuman Dash
Dialogues-Pranab Prasanna Rath

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