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Hindu Muslim together worship Goddess Durga in this Puja Mandap in Cuttack


“Cuttack The city of brotherhood which divides a river into two – Mahanadi & Kathajori. It was the capital of Utkal.
A city where Juman Mia makes idols of Goddess Durga, Hadi Bandhu decorates the Silver works for Id ,
Peter dance in Durga Puja immersion procession and  Teji Singh stitches suits for Peter marriage  ”

Cuttack, the city of Silver is also known as the city of brotherhood, i.e Bhaichara ra Sahara Cuttack. Earlier we have published about thirty-year old Zaheer Khan of Banka Bazar, Cuttack who is one of the best artists for the Zari medha works which are used to decorate the idols of Goddess Durga in different puja mandaps. He is part of the many Muslim families who have been designing the tableaux in Durga Puja Pandal for generations now.”My grandfather, father, everyone has been involved in this business. I picked this up from my father ten years ago,” says Mr. Khan.

Now we would love to share with pride about a Sahi or Puja Committee where Hindu & Muslims welcomes Goddess Durga and celebrates the biggest festival of this millennium city together.Shyad Arshad Ali (Bhaijaan) who is the present joint Secretary of Alisha Bazaar Cuttack Puja Committee says to Sambad, leading Odia daily – “They have been worshipping Goddess Durga & are members since decades.According to him, his father was the secretary of Alisha Bazaar.”

In Odia movie “Cuttack The SilverCity’ – the director has described the beautiful island Cuttack in the best way possible :

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cuttack Durga Puja

Some more Important facts about Alisha Bazaar Durga Puja :

Durga Puja started by the Sahi in the year 1910.

Alisha Bazaar has unique kind of Chandi Medha decorated with Led Lights .

In the year 2016, about 40 Kgs of silver was robbed.

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