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Abhijit Mishra’s Nidaghara Seshe. Watch

Abhijit Mishra’s Nidaghara Seshe is an immersive Poetry by Sarat Kumar Das: A Fusion of Words and Melodies.

Sarat Kumar Das, a renowned scholar and IRS officer, has unveiled a captivating collection of poetries. With his profound literary prowess, Das has compiled his poetic verses into a book as well as an enchanting audio CD. Accompanied by the melodious compositions of Nisikanta Dala Behera and sung by talented vocalists Abhijit Mishra, Bishnu Mohan Kabi, and Subhashree Tripathy, this artistic endeavor.

A Journey through Words and Melodies:

Each poem in the collection is a window into the poet’s soul, offering readers and listeners a transformative experience through the power of words and music.

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Melodic Enchantment:

The music for the audio CD is composed by the gifted musician Nisikanta Dala Behera, who has skillfully crafted melodies that complement and enhance the poetic verses. With a keen understanding of the emotional nuances within the poems, Behera’s compositions create a harmonious atmosphere.

Talented Vocalists:

The collection’s audio CD features the soulful voices of Abhijit Mishra, Bishnu Mohan Kabi, and Subhashree Tripathy. These accomplished singers bring life to the poetries with their exceptional vocal talents, infusing each line with the depth of emotion intended by Sarat Kumar Das. Their renditions breathe life into the words, creating a mesmerizing auditory experience for the listeners.

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