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9 Signs That Prove You Are And Will Always Be A True Katki


9 Signs That Prove You Are And Will Always Be A True Katki: Cuttack…the first capital of the state Odisha situated in the country India. Situated at the banks of the two rivers Mahanadi and Kathajodi, it is one of the oldest cities of India. Even if I were not an inhabitant of Cuttack, I would have fallen in love with this city in one day.

Such is the charm of Cuttack. This city is like one of the unsung hero cities of India. It represents and comprises every single thing which constitutes the Indian Culture. Cuttack is the true face of Indian Culture.

9 Signs That Prove You Are And Will Always Be A True Katki

1. Baliyatra field and Barbati Durga is your favorite hanging out stops.


2. Dahibara Aludam Means The World To You.


3. You can’t stay away from home during Durga Puja and Baliyatra.


4. Drool-At-First-Sight: Gupchup, Chat, and Dahibara Aludam.

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5. Crazy for Odia films and Ollywood stars.


6. Street foods are more preferable to Pizzas and Burgers.


7. Festival means a new dress.


8. Long Drives starts from I love Cuttack to Naraj road.


9. You start counting Durga Puja the day after Bhasani. (More 364 days for Durga Puja)

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