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5th Charitable Celebrity Cricket League 2016 match fixture


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5th MJ ICON Charitable Celebrity Cricket League 2016.

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29th April 2016

Twincity Phoenix v/s CA XI (6.30 AM)

BBSR Royals v/s Media XI (4 PM)

CCC v/s Bhubaneswar Gaints (5.25 PM)

CCC v/s Bhubaneswar Royals (7.05 PM)

Utkal Warriors v/s BBSR Gaints (8.30 PM)

Utkal Warriors v/s Media XI (9.55 PM)

Smartcity XI v/s Kalinga Lions (11.20 PM)

30th April 2016

Celebrity XI v/s Bhubaneswar gaints (6.30 AM)

Twincity Phoenix v/s Kalinga Lions (4 PM)

BBSR Bombers v/s CA XI (5.25 PM)

BBSR Bombers v/s Twincity Phoenix (6.50 PM)

Corporate Defenders v/s Smartcity XI (8.15 PM)

Corporate Defenders v/s Kalinga Lions (9.55 PM)

CCC v/s Celebrity XI (11.50 PM)

1st May 2016

Utkal Warriors v/s Bhubaneswar Royals (6.30 AM)

CA XI v/s Corporate Defenders (4 PM)

Celebrity XI v/s Media XI (5.25 PM)

BBSR Bombers v/s Smartcity XI (6.50 PM)

Semi Final 1 (8.30 PM)

Semi Final 2 (9.55 PM)

Final (11.50 PM)




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