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You’ll live again ….Let me Die…

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Love is eternal and a person in love always finds a way to make his/her love happy. With Valentines Day round the corner , you must be wondering what to present your love and make him/her happy.What can be the best gift than a novel based on a true love tale “You’ll live again ….Let me Die…”

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You’ll live again ….Let me Die…’’ is a heart rending true story about Robin, his dream and destination of love through poverty, trust, overwhelming desires, friendship, religions, misunderstanding, mistake and a sacrifice.

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simson biswal novelYes…. our dear readers… it’s a story about ‘Robin Das,’ a twenty years old common Indian.  I said him Common because it has a reason.  He is neither one among the great Icons of this land nor those personalities whom our world should remember for eras. He is just an unknown character, an anonymous, but the thing which gives him an importance that now we are reading his name because once upon a time he had a spark in him. The same spark which doesn’t help million Indian minds to stay in rest in their adolescent. It runs in their brains at every moment and ignites to do something in life. Even in sleep as dream. And you know this is the only thing which keeps people awake and inspire them to make their names immortal. Can you say what this is?

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It’s the spark of Desire.  The desire for achieve something, to do different and make people to remember you.And we will remember him for his Desire for Love, for his Mistake and his Sacrifice.

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Time to make our Love Immortal….….and it will come through only sacrifice.

About the young writer and Dream House Publication :

Simson Biswal a young and energetic face from Odisha having a passion to lead and change.

Have you ever faced a situation where your story gets rejected by a publisher or you as a writer have been forced to pay huge amount to publish your book? Keeping these issues in mind a young and energetic person with a passion to lead and change has founded Dream House Publications, India.

Let-me-Die--Best-seller-novel-odialiveA young and energetic mind with a passion to lead and change is the Founder of Dream House Publication. Simson started his career as an Employee, but he always has a dream to become a writer. He successfully fulfilled his dream and written the books “Jajabar…in the path of love” and “1 Mistake 2 Lives“. To carry his dream forward he has started Dream House Publication, where everyone is a writer. He believes that every person has a writer instinct inside him and given the correct opportunity, he/she can be a successful writer. Dream House will work to bring mainly the talented writers of India together and aims to take literature of India to a new height.

Simson Biswal is the main author and of course the leader of the new movement going to begin. Simson is responsible for the important task of bringing writers together in India. Here some glimpse of his recently Published book ‘You’ll live again….Let me Die’

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