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Watch Ratha Yatra Live from Gandhi Nagar – 2017


Ratha Yatra or Car Festival of Lord Jagannath is celebrated not only in Odisha , but in different parts of Odisha and also in various countries across the globe. Here we bring you the live Web cast of Ratha Yatra Mahostav from Gandhi Nagar , the capital city of Gujurat . Watch !

Ratha Yatra Photos from Different Countries .

Every year in beginning of Monsoon, Lord Jagannath, with his elder brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra , goes on vacation, travelling on grand chariots, from his temple in Puri, to his garden palace in the countryside. This belief of the Hindus has given rise to one of the biggest religious festivals in India — the Rath Yatra or the Chariot Festival. This is also the etymological origin of the English word ‘Juggernaut’.

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Jagannath, believed to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu , is the Lord of Puri — the coastal town of Orissa in eastern India. Rath Yatra is of great significance to the Hindus, and especially to the people of Orissa. It is during this time that the three deities of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are taken out in a grand procession in specially made gigantic temple-like chariots called raths, which are pulled by thousands of devotees.

Ratha Yatra in various cities of India – Photos 

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Historical Origin : 
Many believe that the custom of placing idols on grand chariots and pulling them is of Buddhist origin. Fa Hien, the Chinese historian, who visited India in the 5th century AD, had written about the chariot of Buddha being pulled along public roads.

The Origin of ‘Juggernaut’

History has it that when the British first observed the Rath Yatra in the 18th century, they were so amazed that they sent home shocking descriptions which gave rise to the term ‘juggernaut’, meaning “destructive force”. This connotation may have originated from the occasional but accidental death of some devotees under the chariot wheels caused by the crowd and commotion.

How the Festival is Celebrated ?

The festival begins with the Ratha Prathistha or invoking ceremony in the morning, but theRatha Tana or chariot pulling is the most exciting part of the festival, which begins in the late afternoon when the chariots of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhdra start rolling. Each of these carriages have different specifications: The chariot of Lord Jagannath is calledNandighosa, has 18 wheels and is 23 cubits high; the chariot of Balabhadra, called Taladhvajahas 16 wheels and is 22 cubits high; Devadalana, the chariot of Subhadra has 14 wheels and is 21 cubits high.
Lord Jagannath “The God of the Universe”

Each year these wooden chariots are constructed anew in accordance with religious specifications. The idols of these three deities are also made of wood and they are religiously replaced by new ones every after 12 years. After a nine-day sojourn of the deities at the country temple amidst festivities, the divine summer vacation gets over and the three return to the city temple of Lord Jagannath .



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