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Top 6 grand mom Odia Poems


In the era of multimedia , market is full of dvds /vcds of cartoons , Hindi/English poems .But unfortunately we won’t find any vcds/dvds of those beautiful tracks / lyrics that every grand mothers sings for her grand son/daughter . Everytime I enquire if there is any vcds available of such kind , unfortunately I have always heard a no.

Well but this article will surely take you back to those lovely days on the lap of grand mom listening to such incredible poems and lovely Odia stories of Baghamamu , Neula Bhai and many others . Here are the list of some poems which will bring a smile on your face .

1. Jhool re hati jhool

2. Chaka chaka bhaunri

3.Dho re baya dho

4. Nida Mausi de ausi

5. Itikili mitikili

6. Aa aa re bai chadhei

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