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Things Every Odia wants ‘Tike Extra’


Visiting Lord Jagannath temple , Puri

Every Odia needs or wait for an excuse to go to Puri and visit Lord Jagannth temple.Be it a family tour or an official visits a simple cause is enough to plan a trip to Puri.Even government bureaucrats make it a point to visit the temple and pay respects to the holy triumvirate.It is considered to be a grave mistake to be in Puri and not do the darshan.Even after 1 hour of darshan of Lord Jagannath , we feel like seeing once while exiting from the temple.

Jagannath Dham Puri


Gupchup competitions wih friends are fond memories of school and college days.There is no specific time to enjoy the delicious street food . How much you have , be it of Rs.10 or Rs.50 , but asking for 1 extra is always been an habit of every Odia irrespective of financial background. Remember “Bhai gote Sukhila dia”


Daahibara Aludam

Every Odia is a fan of daahi bara and aludam.Hunger or no hunger, nothing is more satisfying than devouring daahi bara on a hot afternoon & asking for a little more aludam & ending with dahi pani (Curd Water) is a must .

Cuttack Dahibara aludam

The Lemon-Chilli Duo

Everytime we go to haata (Market) to purchase vegetables it is common practice for the shopkeeper to throw in a couple of lemons, a bunch of coriander leaves and a handful of chills.And the bargaining begins again. People ask for more chillis, a couple more lemons and an extra bunch of ‘dhaniya’ and the shopkeeper begins to quote how expensive lemons and chillis have become. Finally, a deal is struck. But no vegetable bag in an Odia household is complete without the sprinkling of lemon and chilli.


Tea has become the basic need of every Odia irrespective of gender & age group.We drink tea when we are happy,we drink tea when we are under stress and we drink tea when we want to answer the nature’s call. Drinking tea and shaking heads in exasperation while reading the morning paper is one of the sacred rituals of Odia households.Intense discussions and brainstorming sessions happen over tea in tea stalls all over Odisha, day and evening. Tea is our all-weather friend.



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