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Things to do inside Lord Jagannath Temple Puri

Shree Jagannath Puri temple is one of the most majestic monuments of Odisha.the temple was built by a famous king of Ganga Dynasty Ananta Varman Chodaganga Deva.This stunning Vaishnava temple, dating back to 12th century, enshrines Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and Balabhadra.

Here is the list of things you must do while in Lord Jagannath Temple , Puri –

Feel  blessed with the Darshan of Lord Jagannath , Balabhadra & Devi Subhadra : The holy darshan of Lord Jagannath , Lord Bala Bhadra & Subhadra.Lacks of people visit the holy temple everyday to have the glimpse of Maha Prabhu (Lord Jagannath)  .

Visit the Nilachala Upabana (Garden of Lord Jagannath) :  The garden is located in the temple premises and many plants are planted in the garden . The entry ticket to vist the garden is only Rs.3/- Head.

Niladri Bihar Museum :  Here you can know about different avatars of Lord Vishnu and various Beshas of Lord Jagannath . The entry fee is just Rs.5 /- per head .

Koili Baikuntha : Never miss to visit Koili baikuntha , when you are in Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri .It is said to be the most ancient place in Niladri.It is said that Nilamadhab was worshiped here by Viswabasu.The word koili may be kaivalya.In South India, koili or kovil stands for the temple. According to a legend, Krishna once appeared before Radha in the shape of a Koili ( Koel ) or cuckoo. It is known as the burial ground for the Trinity.During the Nabakalebara the old images are buried here and the new images are also carved here .

Ananda Bazaar : Ananda Bazar,The holy market area of Mahaprasad.This is a very large area approximately ( 293 * 223ft ) located on the right side of approaching 22 steps of eastern gate.Numbering of spots identified within the courtyard and a visitors while returning after darshan,pay a visit to this market area where number of traditional (bhoga) sweet stalls are also found. Visitors can purchase the Maha Prasad as well as dried sweets either pack up or sit there for their lunch or dinner.There is a sit out place earmarked for the visitors with water facilities.This is regarded very much auspicious to have the Mahaprasad here. It is evident from the literary sources that Mahaprasad was earlier being sold near lions gate and also in baisi pahacha. So the facilities made and Ananda Bazar might be facilitated during 18th century.

Enjoy the Tanka Torani : Ananda Bazaar , a place where no one returns empty stomach.It is said , here there is no difference between a rich & poor.When you enter the Ananda bazaar , never miss enjoy the holy Tanka Torani of Lord Jagannath.It costs Rs.5 /- per glass.

Seek blessing of Kalpa Bata :  The Kalpabata or the big banyan tree is said to have existed since long. This tree Kalapa Bata finds mentions in Skanda Purana and Brahma Purana. Skanda Purana says that in the beginning of the present Kalapa ( the span of time between two deluges) Bishnu and Laxmi were in this Pursottam Khetra floating in the water. At that time a sage Markandeya,who supposed to live for seven Kalpas,was also floating and he was also searching for a shelter. He could find the banyan tree and came near to it., till he heard the voice of a child, which directed to him closer. He saw Bishnu and Laxmi. Bishnu instructed him to limb up the tree and enter the mouth of the child. Markandeya did accordingly and saw the entire universe in the abdomen of the child. Later Bishnu advised him to dig a pond for him at north-west side of the tree.

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