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Things to do in Raja Festival


Raja is one of the famous festival of Odisha celebrated each year during the Odia month of Asadha (2nd week of June). The festive is Unique in many aspects & is  one among the major festivals of the state and is celebrated in complete grandiose predominantly in the coastal districts of Odisha.What makes Raja so special is the  rich tradition along with fun, frolic and mouthwatering cuisines amidst the first showers of monsoon.

Raja Festival (Mythology)  :

It is believed that the mother goddess Earth or the divine wife of Lord Vishnu undergoes menstruation during the first three days of Raja Festival.The fourth day is called as “Basumati Snana” or ceremonial bath of Bhudevi.The term Raja has come from Rajaswala (meaning a menstruating woman) and during medieval period the festival became more popular as an agricultural holiday remarking the worship of Bhudevi, who is the wife of lord Jagannath. A silver idol of Bhudevi is still found in Puri Temple aside Lord Jagannath.

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10 things that every Odia should do in Raja festival

  • Raja means playing swings . The festivals main attraction is  the Raja Doli (Swings). The festival is indeed the best time for the girls .Girls visits different places engaging in different games to savoring the mouthwatering delicacies .


  • For those who stay away from their native land . Raja means visiting village & meeting family , friends & loved ones.
  • Enjoy the mouthwatering delicacies specially Podapitha. The dishes includes Idli , Chakuli , etc.


  • Raja is not only  for girls , the festivity of Raja is so gripping that it gets all the men folk residing at different parts of the state and country get back to their village. Getting laid back, enjoying the lip-smacking cuisines, playing cards with village buddies to indulging in nostalgic games like Kabbadi, ludo and others.


  • Watching Odia Movies . Things have changed so as the lifestyle. Raja festival is one of the big season for Ollywood & all big banner movies try to release their movie in Raja & not only the producers but also the audience wait for the big Raja releases of their favorite stars.
  • You will find Raja special Pana in every betel shop in the state. So try the delicious Raja Pana.


  • Some people also plan for visiting temples in Raja, Lord Jagannath temple, Konark, Lingaraj temple, Dhauli, Samalei temple are among the favorites.


  • Dancing to the tune of Djs & hit Odia songs are also a part of Raja festival in some areas.Here we sharing the newly released Odia Album “Ramba Ho” . The album is composed & sung by Krushna Chandra has songs both for mass & class audience .


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