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The Leaning Temple of Huma , Sambalpur


The Leaning Temple of Huma is a beauituful tourist place and a true example of Incredible India.The temple is the only leaning temple in the world.It is located in Huma, a village located on the bank of the river Mahanadi, 23 km south of Sambalpur.The temple is one of the famous Shiva shrine of the state.the reason of leaning structure of the temple by design or from another reason is unknown.

While the edifice leans, the pinnacle of the temple is perpendicular to the ground.According to the mythology,the worship of Lord Shiva is said to have been initiated by a milkman, who daily crossed the Mahanadi to a place on the bank where the underlying rock cropped out. Here he daily offered his dole of milk, which was at once consumed by the rock, and this miraculous circumstance led to enquiries, which ended in the construction of the present temple.

Like other Shiva shrine,annual fair takes place at the foothill of the temple in march every year on the occasion of Shivratri, which is a typical village fair with its unforgettable golden chasm. There is a special type of fish found here known as ‘Kudo’ fish. They are so tame that they will eat foods from the hands of those who are on the banks.



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