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Some Travel Tips for Konark Sun Temple Visitors

Some Travel Tips for Konark Sun Temple Visitors. Odisha has known for different kshetras or regions. The four Kshetras are identified by the four Ayudhas of Lord Vishnu or the things that he holds in his four hands. Konark is the Padam or the lotus kshetra. The Sun temple was called as PadmaKesara Deula and the presiding Sun God was called Mahabhaskara. Konark refers to the corner that worships the Aditya or Sun. The region is also called Arka Kshetra.

One of the wonders of the world, The Konark Sun Temple is the most popular sun temple across the world. From now, it is quiet difficult to imagine how grand the temple would have looked when it was not broken and in the time when all the seven horses in running posture would have made it look like a chariot in motion.

Some Travel Tips for Konark Sun Temple Visitors

History of Konark Sun Temple

According to our ancient history, the bank of Chandrabhaga river in Utkal the ancient name of the Odisha was the place for Sun worship. The legends associate this place with Sambha, the son of Krishna and Jamvanti who worshipped the sun here to get rid of a skin condition.

History in the local palm leaf manuscripts tell us that initially a temple to the sun was built by Kesari dynasty kings. Temple continued to receive worship from later rulers of the Ganga dynasty. It was king Narasimhadeva who built this temple in 13th CE in front of the old temple. They took about 12 years to build it. It was first attacked in mid-16th CE and invaders just managed to take away its Kalasha or pot on top and Dhwaj or flag.

Travelers who visited Konark Sun Temple include Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Abu Fazal.

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Some Travel Tips for Konark Sun Temple Visitors

It is located at a distace of 40 km from Puri and 60km from Bhubaneswar, a part of Odisha’s golden triangle.

While visiting this incredible place, you need at least 2 hours to see the temple properly and about 30-40 Minutes for the museum.

Nearby Airport is Bhubaneswar, and nearby Railway station is Puri Railway station.

Food is available at the restaurant next to the site museum. It is a decent place to eat. Apart from it, there are food stall and street food close to Navagraha Temple where you can buy food.

Photography is allowed without any restrictions.

You need to walk a lot, so carry your water or any food that you may require.

The best time to visit the Chandrabhaga sea beach is before sunrise and at the time of sunset.

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