Siridi Sai Baba webportal and OnLine Gallery


With blessings of Siridi Sai Baba,OdiaLive brings you a complete webportal of Siridi Sai Baba & different galleries of Sai Baba i our Click Odisha,Our OnLine Gallery Segment .OdiaLive also brings you galleries of different galleries of Sai Baba temples across Odisha. Om Sai Ram webportal is the 1st Sub Segment of Odisha specially designed for all Sai Baba devotees across the globe .

Some beautiful Lines said by Sai Baba ……….

# Always listen with peace, what everybody speaks do not be afraid of it, those words cannot pierce the body.

# Perform your duties always, never hold the vanity of doer,Believe always that God is the doer,and offer the results to God always. Then the deed will not bound you and danger of births will not hinder you.

List of Galleries & website

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