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Ritual after Brahmaparibartana


The-pizza-station-cuttackThe Wooden structures of Bigrahas (idols) are currently in Anasara Pindi are considered just to be the skeletons or bones of the deities. A ritual named ‘Saptabaran Paddhati’ is conducted to give the final shape to the statues.

The idols are adorned with seven layers of covering:
1. Wooden statue is bone,
2. Brahma present in the Sri Bigraha is marrow,
3. Camphor coat is fat,
4. Sandal- camphor – musk – Kumkum combinedly applied is flesh,
5. Red coloured cloth is blood,
6. Layers of white cloth with sandal is skin,
7. ‘Jhuna’ – til oil – camphor coating is regarded as membrane.

All these seven treatments are known as ‘Saptabarana’

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