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Red Crabs in Talsari Beach,Balasore


Odisha is famous for its Sea beach. Talasari beach is one among the beautiful beaches in Odisha. The beach is located in Balasore district of Odisha. The beach is different from other beach in the state as the shore waters are not as turbulent and are quite,calm and peaceful.The backwater is also a major attraction for the tourists.You have to cross the back water to reach the sea shore.ced-crabs-in-Odisha

Apart from this red crabs are also the major attraction of the place.Apart from the beautiful red crabs , the beach will also entertain you with the surrounding palm trees.There’s a concrete structure on the beach that serves as a fish market in the morning. The catch from the sea is piled on the floor before being sorted and auctioned. The fishermen return in the evening and sit on the beach mending their nets.Some of them also take the tourists to the river mouth. Early mornings are excellent for a stroll. The beach is quite hard and hence, easy to walk on.Talsari’s beach is famous for its fishing village, and among people partial to sea food.

The beach is quite flat and the waves are small and playful. The estuary of the river Subarna Rekha River can be seen in the distance. The crests of the waves glow as darkness descends. The beach turns a dreams cape on full moon night.

It is around 8-9 km from  Digha and 3 km from Chandnaeswar temple. A cycle rickshaw takes 30-35 minutes to travel from Digha to Talasari. Fare – 80-100 INR. It is 88 km from Balasore.

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