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Pattachitra as the new style statement


With time Pattachitra ‘the traditional art of Odisha’ is slowly gaining popularity among masses.The art was earlier made on palm leaves and Tussar silk sarees only.Pattachitra is now being created on apparel, home décor and even nails!

Pattachitra has now become a style statement. It is one of the finest forms of the art. This incredible art form is now being used in different fabrics like georgette and embroidery such as Zardosi and Gottapatti for a gorgeous appeal on sarees and kurtas.”

Even customized mobile phone back panels with this art is available in market as well.

Not only this , home decor is also being conquered by this art form as lamp shades, book arkers, coloured bottles, pen stands, and so on… are being designed and coated with colorful imagery.



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