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Jatra also is known as opera is a kind of Odia theater performance in Odisha.The performance includes live play, music and dance. Historically Jatra performance was introduced during the Moghul rule. Theater performance in Odisha were based on stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana, later modern plays were also included.

Mohguls rulers were interested in dance, music and the majlis which has influenced the jatra. Persian and Hindustani words and characters like “Jamadar” and “Sipahi” were introduced in Odia Jatra. Jatra was revived during the period of Baishnaba Pani with the introduction of “gitinatya” (musical performance).

Later with time, the plays introduced modern stories with the latest technology. At the present time, the Jatra/opera is as famous as Odia Films & has its own viewers base. Be it rural Odisha or in the cities, there is a huge demand of Jatra. As per sources you have to book the dates with the parties a year before.

Shibani Gananatya

Tulasi Gananatya

Gauri Gananatya

Konark Gananatya

Jatra Indradhanu

Madhubasanti Gananatya

Dhauli Gananatya

Trinath Gananatya

Tapaswini Opera

Baneswari Gananatya

Mancheswar Gananatya

Eastern Red

Eastern Blue

Biswa Ranga Mahal

Jagatpur Jatra 

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