New Lord Jagannath temple in Balasore

Balasore now gets a majestic and magnificent Lord Jagannath Temple dedicated to the God of the Universe “Lord Jagannath” .The temple is dubbed to be Odisha’s “second Puri Shree Mandir”, a majestic and magnificent Lord Jagannath Temple . The temple is 78 feet high, 16 Konark Wheels, 4 horses.The Sculptor & Architect of the temple is beautiully designed by Padma Vibhusan Raghunath Mahapatra.The temple at Balagopalpur will be opened for public viewing on Sunday.The temple was built by the diversified Emami Group at a cost of about Rs.17 crore.The temple is decorated with eight wheels carved on either side, the temple appears to be built on a giant chariot.The Padma Vibhusan awardee also announced that the unique trait of this Jagannath Temple is that it has a universal access.

“Irrespective of caste, creed and religion and even a devout devotee from foreign land and the also the foreign nationals are allowed to enter the sacred shrine till the ‘Jagamohana’ and have the ‘darshan’ (grand glimpse) of the deities in the sanctum here”, said Mahapatra.

According to Padma Vibhushan awardee Mohapatra “The essence of this temple is that Lord Jagannath is riding on a chariot. The belief is that if one sees the lord riding on the chariot then he attains ‘moksha’.The complex comprises five temples – Lord Jagannath built over an area of 4,300 square feet, Lord Shiva, Maa Bimala, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Ganesh and Sankat Mochan Hanuman built in an area of 380 square feet each.The temple is like the original Puri temple, the deities of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra are housed in the main temple and are made from sacred Neem logs.The main attraction of the temple is the Pattachitras- the traditional painting of Odisha with application of rich colours, creative motifs and designs, and portrayal of simple themes, mostly mythological in depiction.The roofs and inner walls of the temple have been painted with the exquisite art of Pattachitras of the popular themes like ‘Krishna Lila’ – enactment of Jagannath as Lord Krishna displaying his powers as a child, ‘Dasaavatara’ – the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu and different forms of lord Jagannath.

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