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Mukteswar Temple ,Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar , the capital city of Odisha is otherwise known as the land of temples.Mukteswar Temple is one of the beautiful Lord Shive temple of the city.Mukteswar means “Lord of Freedom”.The temple is a 10th-century and dates back to 970 CE .The temple is found to be the earliest work from the Somvamsi period.The 10th century temple marks the height of all earlier developments, and initiates a period of experiment which continues for an entire century.The same kind of creativity is also seen in temples like Rajarani Temple and Lingaraj temple of BBSR. The presence of Torana makes this temple unique.The Somavamsi king Yayati I contributed to the building of the temple.The temple is also known as the gem of Odisha because of its beautiful and unique architecture.The temple faces west and is constructed in a lower basement amidst a group of temples.The pyramidal roof to the jagamohana present in the temple was the first of its kind over the conventional two tier structure.

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