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Matric Fail Odia Movie cast crew posters


Matric Fail Odia Movie cast crew posters. Ollywood’s A-list actors,producers and ­directors have always aimed to release their films on festival weekends.The most opportunistic ones have managed to slot theirs for an Raja/Rajo,Durga Puja,Ratha Yatra,Rakhi Purnima Diwali or Christmas release and, consequently, get a fantastic opening by attracting crowds in larger numbers.

While most of the times in recent years we have been seeing films of Anubhav Mohanty,Arindam Roy and Babushan films in these big festive release.

Among all these Festive season of Ollywood Raja and Dussehera is known to be the time of big release in the history of Ollywood.Like every year in 2012 also there were multiple releases in Raja. Idiot starring Babushan was the first release and it was released on 12 June 2012 followed by Raja Jhia sange heigala bhaba and Matric fail.

Matric Fail Odia Movie Cast Crew Posters

Directed by: Sudhakar Vasanth

Produced by: Bijoy Kandoi

Production Co.: Vidisha Craft

Story: Bijoy Kandoi

Screenplay & Dialogues: Ranjit Patnaik

Editing: Chandra Sekhar Mishra

Cinematography: K.R. Ramesh

Choreography: Sudhakar Vasanth

Lyrics: Nizam, Dr. Nirmal Nayak

Music: Abhijeet Majumdar

Cast: Anubhav Mohanty, Barsha Priyadarshini, Suresh Bal, Illu Banarjee, Debu Bose, Saroj Das, Priyanka Mahapatra, Usasi Mishra, Salil Mitra, Pruthiviraj Nayak, Trupti Sinha, Sunia and others

Genre: Romance

Matric Fail Odia Movie Songs:

1) Bhaina Ho Bhaina (Singer(s): Subhashis Mahakud | Lyrics: Nizam)

2) Dukha Sathe Mu Bandhu (Singer(s): Ira Mohanty, Udit Narayan | Lyrics: Nizam))

3) I Have Fall In Love With U (Singer(s): Udit Narayan, Ira Mohanty | Lyrics: Dr. Nirmal Nayak)

4) Januna Januna Tune Kya Kiya (Singer(s): Ira Mohanty, Shail Hada | Lyrics: Dr. Nirmal Nayak)

5) Na Nida Hue Na Rati Pahe (Singer(s): Udit Narayan, Ira Mohanty | Lyrics: Nizam))

6) Matric Fail – Title Song (Singer(s): Asima Panda, Vinod Rathod | Lyrics: Dr. Nirmal Nayak)

Matric Fail Odia Movie Posters

Matric Fail Odia Movie cast crew postersMatric Fail Odia Movie Posters Matric Fail Odia Movie Posters Matric Fail Odia Movie cast crew postersAlso Read: RRR – A Great Movie with a Big Mistake



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