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Mathas in Puri

Mathas in Puri are developed with the following main objectives:

(i) To preach and spread the great Jagannath culture and the essence of Hinduism.
(ii) To give shelter to the pilgrims of different sects and saints.
(iii) To involve and support in different rituals and Nitis of the temple.
(iv) To donate food to the distress e, beggars,poor people and to help poor students in their studies in different schools and colleges.

There are about thirty Mathas at present and are closely involved in different rituals and Nitis of Lord Jagannath. The functions of Mathas in the temple
are detailed below:

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1. Emar Matha: Provides Chamara and Canopy Seva.Chandrika made of flower are supplied daily.
2. Uttar Parswa Matha : Offers daily Mohan Bhoga (made of coarse flour and sugar) to distribute among the devotees.

3. Trimali Matha : Offers Bhoga during Chandan Yatra.
4. Raghabadas Matha : Offers Bhoga at the time of Ballav (Morning Tiffin), Chamar and Alata seva. Hativesa on the day of Snana Purnima.
5. Jaganath Ballav Matha : Associates with many rituals of Lord, such as Ramanabami, Dola Yatra, Dayanachori, Lakha Vindha, Dussahara.
Provides lotus flower for decoration of Lord and ornaments made of flower.
6. Govardhan Matha : Chief of Muktimandap Pandit Sabha and gives final opinion on Niti and rituals of Sri Jagannath temple.
7. Badachhata Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva,Kirtan at the time of daily Puja, and Chandan Yatra, to recite some traditional songs at the time of Mangal arati and Bada singhar.
8. Radhakanta Matha : Cleaning of Gundicha temple before Car Festival.
9. Jhanjapita Matha : Offers seva and puja at the lotus feet of Lord inside the compound wall of the temple.
10. Bada Odia Matha : Provides Ballav Bhoga (Morning Tiffin) of Lord. Alata and Chamar Seva.
11. Dakhinaparswa Matha : Canopy Seva and Chamar Seva.
12. Revasa Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.
13. Gangamata Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.
14. Radhavallav Math a : Alata and Chamar Seva.
15. Ramji Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.
16. Sana Chhata Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.
17. Goswami Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.
18. Venkatachari Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.
19. Nua Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.
20. Mangu Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.
21. Labanikhia Matha : Sports of Lord during Krishna Janma.
22. Kapadia Matha : Provides dress materials.
23. Dasavatar Matha : Cultural function
24. Sunagoswami Matha : Flower garlands for decoration.
25. Sivatirtha Matha : Provides tooth brush for Lord.
26. Mahiprakash Matha : Provides tooth brush.
27. Darpanarayan Matha : Offers flower garlands.
28. Gopaltirtha Matha : Hati Vesha for Lord Balabhadra.
29. Rani Matha : Provides decorated Tahia
30. Nandimata Matha : To stick jari in patta At present some Mathas are not performing their duties with the pretext of paucity of funds. Although Mathas are in possession of huge landed property in papers, but actually they do not get any income from these properties. This has been due to the implementation of land reform
act. To revive the glory of the past, all efforts should be made at all levels so that all Mathas can perform their Sevas for Lord properly.


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