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Maa Tarini Temple,keonjhar


Keonjhar district is a green land of incredible beauties and a store house of mineral wealth.The different variety of tourist attractions that the district offers includes religious shrines, fresco painting, waterfalls and above all the natural sceneries. The terraced villages buzzing with the sweet melodies of the birds take the visitors to a dream land. The simplicity of the tribal folk mixed with the gaiety of their festivals can keep the visitors amused. A visit to the district will be an unforgettable experience.

45 kms from Keonjhar on the National Highway towards Cuttack, the place is known throughout the state for the shrine of Goddess Tarini.Goddess Tarini is also known as Nadia Rani ( Queen of Coconuts ), as Coconut is belived to be the favourite of the goddess.

From Bhubaneswar To Ghatagaon tarini Temple,Keonjhar

Road Distance or driving distance from Tarini Temple, Keonjhar to Bhubaneswar is 184 kms (114.00 miles). For customizing your travel journey you might consider adding some stop over points or adding some night stops here.Your total travel time is approximately 3 hour(s) 33 min(s); which may vary depending upon the road and traffic conditions.

 Visit Maa Tarini Temple @ Cuttack 


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