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List of some old most romantic Odia songs


Ollywood in the 70’s &  80’s extended the musical tradition of romance in Odia movies by adding more drama, passion with traditional values(in whatever terms).Old romantic songs have a characteristic balance of classical-to-westernized elements–whether in setting, costume, musical composition, or mode.

Following is a list of some most romantic songs that resounded in Ollywood long after the movie’s release.The songs are not given in order of best-first. Ollywood fans can sift these into any order from most to least appealing,according to their taste choice,or just share their very own list. Enjoy my list below !

Ei Jhuma Jhuma Golapi Belare

Janha Amaku Luchi Dekhuchi 

Rupa Hoithiba Labanya Bati 

Chalire tora Padma Phute 

Emiti Rati Seje Abhula Smruti 

Tume hi Swarga Mora 

If you want to add more to the list. Post your song in the comment box below .




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