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Laxminarayan Besa or Thiakia Besa of Lord Jagannath


The Laxmi Narayan Besa or Thiakia Besa of Lord Jagananth takes place on Kartika Shukla Ekadashi. On the first day of Panchuka, after Abakash rituals Mahaprabhu Sri Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra is dressed in the Thiakia Besa.This Besa continues upto the end of Bhogamandapa Ritual.

In this Besa Mahaprabhu Jagannath And Balabhadra are adored with Golden Arms,Legs,Kadamba Mali,Kiriti,Harida Mali,Bahada Mali,Tabeeza Mali,Baghanakhi Mali,Sebati Mali etc.

Shri Balabhadra Holds Hala Mushala and Shri Jagannath holds Shankha Chakra.

Both the idols wear Trishakha dress and Tilaka.The Lords also wear Srimukha Padma. Maa Subhadra is adored with Kiriti,Karnakundala,Differ types of garlands,Odiani,Chandra surjya and Tadagi. The three deities are adored with Srimukha Bala on the face.

Two Conical Trimundi Chula are offered on the heads of Jagannath and Balabhadra in which Golden Sticks which resembles Kiya Flowers. Both of them Wear Karna Kundala.

besha of Lord JagannathIn the past,the Mahants of Ramanuja Sampradaya Mutts Used to witness the Besha and Sing Shriman Narayana Stotram infront of Shrijews.

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