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Kakatpur Jhamu Yatra Mela in Puri


Kakatpur Jhamu Yatra Mela in Puri: The Kakatpur Jhamu Yatra Mela in the Puri district is among the popular festival not only in the region but also in the state. Jhamu Yatra is the most significant procession of this region and it is celebrated on the first Tuesday of the sacred month Vaisakha every year and is celebrated for five Tuesdays in a row. During the ritual procession, the devotees played drums and chanted hymns. Devotees believe that the blessing of their Mangala Devi saves them from injuries or pain of any kind as such they can walk on the burning charcoal and still be remain free from burns. Every year thousands of devotees congregate here to celebrate this ritual and worship Goddess Mangala.

Kakatpur Mangala Temple in Puri

The temple at Kakatpur is a famous place for worship to Goddess Mangala or Durga. The temple is located at a distance of 65 km from the capital city of Odisha and 50 Km from Puri.

Kakatpur is a small village in the Puri district of Odisha on the bank of the river Prachi. It is said that once a boatman was sailing his boat across the river Prachi. At that time the river was outpouring and flooded so he was unable to sail his boat to the middle of the river. He spent the whole day and night but was not able to sail. Goddess Mangala came into his dream and asked him to recover her from the water and to establish her in a nearby Mangalapur village. The boatman also saw a black crow dived into the water and didn’t return. The crow dived in the same place from where the idol was recovered. In our Odia language, Crow means Kaka and detained means Atka. So the name becomes Kakata.

The temple of Goddess Kakatpur has a close relation with Sri Mandir Puri during the Nabakalebara festival.

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