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Jagata ra Natha “Jagannath”


discover OdishaIf anytime you have been to Banki , then this picture is familiar to you and for those who haven’t visited Banki , for them – This image is of a road side tree near Sisua U.P School- Sisua Chaak , Banki . Around 5 years ago people of the area noticed a  shape similar to the idol of Lord Jagannath and from that day the tree is worshiped and every new year the people of the locality celebrate a festival.In the festival the villagers arrange puja for Lord and then after a feast takes place. The tree is the proof of an Odia saying ” Bhakta ka Bhagawan” which means “Lord Jagannath is of his disciples ” and the history is the great witness of the saying which every Odia’s must have heard many times from their grand moms.Be it the story of Dasia bauri or Bhakta Salabega.

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