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Top 5 reasons to watch Jaga Hatare pagha

Director : Murali Krishna
Cast: Anubhav Mohanty , Buddhaditya , Jhilik , Elina , Maheswata Ray , Ajit Das , Minaketan & Others

Murali Krishna has a knack for broad entertainment pack films and Jaga hatare pagha is no exception. The director makes his intentions amply clear when the second birth of superstar Anubhav makes his entry in the film . Yes Ollywood Superstar will be seen in a double role in the film . Here we give you few reasons why you should watch the film  .

Top 5 reasons to watch Jaga Hatare pagha  

  • Director : The most important part of the film is the way director Murali Krishna has expressed an Odia’s love , belief and an Odia’s emotional bonding with the God of  the Universe “Lord Jagannath” . The director has given 2 successful hit films “Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere ” & “Gapa hele bi Sata” with Anubhav . It is 2nd time when this director and producer duo are working together. Last time they worked together in Gapa hele bi Sata and Gapa hele bi Sata was one of biggest hit 0f 2015.
  •  Anubhav Mohanty :  Its Durga Puja and the superstar fans wait for the festive to watch their favorite star on screen. Jaga hatare pagha will be a treat to all Anubhav fans as he will be seen in a double role playing Krishna & Jaga .  The film will entertain with full on masala dialogues and damdar fights .
  •  Buddhaditya Mohanty :  After  a long gap Ollywood stylish star Buddhaditya is back onscreen and this time in a complete glamorous negetive role . He is playing the cousin of Superstar Anubhav  and proves best to the charector of  Vikram . Anubhav and Buddhaditya will be working together for the first time. It will be great to see both the superstars in a movie.He was last seen in negetive role in the film “Sangam” .
  • Jhilik and Elina : Both the actress looks  cute and bubbly in their role and both features a never seen before avatar . It’s the first time Jhilik and Elina are sharing screen space with Ollywood Superstar.
  • Story :  The biggest festive season has already begun and for every Odia cine lovers watching Odia film in Durga Puja  has its own charm . Jaga hatare Pagha is a complete family entertainer and will take to the those family drama of 90’s full of emotion with the modern touch .Maheswata Ray and Minaketan  may  make your eyes wait with the emotional drama  , the emotion & drama is properly placed & well narrated .


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