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I Reunited With My High School Friends : The experience which all can relate themselves


I Reunited With My High School Friends: The experience which all can relate themselves. For me, high school seemed like the golden era of life. In high school, I found a more intimate and accepting group of friends. My desire is to spend every weekend at a friend’s house and rent movies from Bollywood & Ollywood. Just as importantly, they were also willing to share their particular pastimes with me. Those days of enjoying Gupchup/panipuri after the end of school every day. Writing names of love birds on the blackboard and the funniest part is getting punished together.

As the date of our reunion approached, we were all feeling excited, anxious, and a little uncertain about how the day would play out.Reminiscing/remembering about those times will always take us back to the friends we had in school. As it is said in our national language – “Our Langotia Yaar”, When we think of them, we understand what true friendship is all about.

Here are a few things I recalled about our school days and our schoolmates which not only me, everyone can relate themselves  …

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We became friends when we didn’t understand the meaning of “Friendship”.

  • They loved us and stood by us even before we attained success in our lives or at least showed promise for it.
  • There were no mind games, no profit loss calculations.

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school life odisha

  • They set the standard for friendship for the rest of life.No luxurious cars can give back the joy of the ‘last bench’ .

school life odisha

Giving special names to our teachers and scolding them for caning us hard. But trust me everyone must have realized the lessons and the hidden love behind those canes in some part of their life .

school life odisha

Image Courtesy: Derabish  High School, Kendrapara, Odisha

This is what I recalled on the day of our reunion. If you haven’t planned yet, then plan it.

And yes a memorable reunion is possible with good management and lovely batch mates.



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