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He Kala Saanta Odia Bhajan for Ratha Yatra

ratha yatra 2017

Tamanna Productions presentation   new Odia Lord Jagannath devotional album “He Kaala Saanta” for the coming Ratha Yatra festival.Renowned Odia music director,lyricist and singer Amit Tripathy has come up with his Ratha Yatra special Odia devotional music album.The songs are sung by Sri Charan , Amit Tripathy , Saurav , Antara & Aseema.The lyrics of the devotional music album is penned by Sulochana Nayak.

Sulochana Nayak hails from Balabhadrapur,Kuakhia,Jajpur and is a poet by passion.She has penned all the lyrics of the this devotional music album.He Kaala Saante is her debut devotional album.When asked her about her interest in music,she said that its her love and devotion for Lord Jagannath which encouraged her to write.She also said she had a great support from her husand Ananda Chandra Nayak,son Mrityuanjaya Nayak,daughter in law Sybhasmita Nayak and other family members.

Last Year music director Amit Tripathy with OdiaLive released many devotional music album including Lord Jagannath Bhajan Jagata Jagannatha Maya,Pade Nupura,Bhakta ra Bhagawan,Jagannatha Nama,Chalo Puri Dham,etc & 1 Odia Ghazal album To Bina were released.Like all the albums,the production house Amit Sur Station dedicates the devotional music album to all disciples of Lord .The devotional music album “He Kaala Saante” is officially released by OdiaLive.com .

ratha yatra 2017

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