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Mr.Surendra Mohanty writes short stories.he served in the Indian navy and retired as a Commander and is currently working in KiiT International school.this is his first novel , which he has self published .

Before few days we have introduced the Novel “Fire in The Rain” with our readers and now we have few reviews from readers which we have received  by Email.As promised we will be publishing the reviews with the name .

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Here it goes : 

Pritisudha Nayak (Cuttack/OdiaLive) : 

Fire in the Rain by Surendra Mohanty is an engrossing novella about a serial killer. There are several reasons for which I was simply taken up by this story. Firstly, the motive of the killer. At first it is not clear and kept me wondering why does the man kill. When, somewhere in the middle, his motive becomes known, his actions seem justified. He has been ditched by a girl and he thinks any girl who ditches her boyfriends deserves to die. Now this motive is not strong or correct. But in reality we come across such people these days who react violently when their girlfriend spurns them. We read in the newspapers of such horrific incidents like a spurned lover throws acid on ex-girlfriend’s face.

surendra mohanty

That is one part, but the author has made a hero out of the killer. I don’t know why or how, but he has successfully made him a strong and likeable character, especially after he kills his first girlfriend who had rejected and then becomes a changed man. I even thought, in the end the killer might escape, but mercifully that does not happen.

At every point the story moves at good speed with not a dull moment. At every point the killer is out planning his next move and the police don’t even get to see him. He is so smart and so successful that when he is cornered in end, we feel for him.

I appreciate the author’s attention to details and procedures. The way the police uses the mobile network to track down the criminal. It seems very real and authentic.

In the second half of the story, comes the heroine. She is the next strong character who carries the story forward with charm and poise. Her confidence shows that she will catch the killer while all the police have failed. And she manages to do that. I agree with Ruskin Bond’s comment in the foreword:  “She is an enigmatic combination of beauty, brains and courage. I am sure you will all like her, if not love her”. I think, I’ll wait see her on screen (if this is made into a film) and fall in love with her.

Satyapriya Nayak (Jajpur) : A wonderful Crime story. We have a serial killer here who is looking for romance. He first checks out his woman if she has betrayed her boyfriend previously. If she has then, god help her. Finally the killer meets Richa, the girl of his choice. He is in love. Would he kill her?

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Chandan Samantaray (Navy Mumbai) : Mr. Surendra Mohanty has done some research for his book –  starting from Army life, to calendar dates, specific locations, police procedures, horse racing, criminal psychology etc. Though the story is similar to many serial killer stories, the in-depth research makes it different. And it is also different as the killer moves from one city to another, never returning to his place of crime. This is mentioned in Mr. Mohanty’s Preface also.

Odisha Post

Swarnashree Jena (Cuttack) :  I liked the characterization. The killer is so likable, just like Mr. Ruskin Bond says, some readers might get influenced and become serial killer. But my best character was Richa. What a girl! Army background, courageous, beautiful, keeps her head above her heart, finds the serial killer and gets him to fall for her. Actually she is the one who nabs the killer, not the police.

R.Ramesh Krishna (Cottonpet,Bengaluru) : I liked the ending best. I was wondering how the story would wind up. Will he be caught? Would he also kill Richa? And then comes this twist in the end. Read it!

 Md.Iftequar (Old City,Hyderabad)  : There is nothing I didn’t like about the book, except, maybe, it’s too short. Could have been a bit more descriptive. May be, to keep the story gripping, the author cut out all the fat. Indeed it is gripping, rivetting, I read it in a single sitting.

Sumit Dey (Kolkata) : If you are looking for an action packed crime and mystery story, ‘Fire in the Rain’ is the book for you. I rate it 4.5 out of 5.

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About the Novel : A serial killer is on the loose. He surfaces in one metropolis after another, leaving behind a trail of murders. He masquerades as respectable citizens in different cities – a naval officer in Mumbai and Hyderabad, a film director’s brother in Kolkata, restaurateur in Bangalore, racehorse buff in Pune – and targets single working women. ACP Kale is desperate to catch the elusive killer before he strikes again, but he has no clue except that the killer invariably strikes on an ominous day – Friday the thirteenth, and hires luxury cars to date his victims. One of his quarries, the beautiful Richa finally tames him.

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