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Fire in the rain by Surendra Mohanty


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Here’s a new novel, a crime thriller, which, we bet, you can’t put down once you start reading. ‘Fire in the Rain’ by Surendra Mohanty is a serial killer story which moves at a fast pace through many metros in India.

About the Novel : A serial killer is on the loose. He surfaces in one metropolis after another, leaving behind a trail of murders. He masquerades as respectable citizens in different cities – a naval officer in Mumbai and Hyderabad, a film director’s brother in Kolkata, restaurateur in Bangalore, racehorse buff in Pune – and targets single working women. ACP Kale is desperate to catch the elusive killer before he strikes again, but he has no clue except that the killer invariably strikes on an ominous day – Friday the thirteenth, and hires luxury cars to date his victims. One of his quarries, the beautiful Richa finally tames him.

About the novelist  Mr.Surendra Mohanty : Mr.Surendra Mohanty writes short stories.he served in the Indian navy and retired as a Commander and is currently working in KiiT International school.this is his first novel , which he has self published .
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RUSKIN BOND’S COMMENT: Mohanty’s serial killer has all the traits of a gentleman when it comes to ladies, yet he ends up killing them. With his chameleonic personality, he moves from one city to another taking on new identities, charming unsuspecting girls and getting away with murders, literally.  In the end, readers will root for him, despite all his crimes. I only hope the book doesn’t inspire someone to turn a serial killer.

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