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12 Odia Movies you must watch once in Lifetime


12 Odia Movies you must watch once in Lifetime. Films are often a reflection of our society but they also hold a mirror to us. It is no wonder then that the good ones go on to show the tragedy and triumph of the human life, thereby influencing all of us in some way. We’ve handpicked these 12 movies which you should watch once in a lifetime.

Love them, hate them, possibly even understand what’s going on in most of them, life is infinitely richer for Ollywood movies.

12 Odia Movies you must watch once in Lifetime

Matira Manisha (1966)
Well, an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Brilliant performance by lead actors.

Kie Kahara (1968)
Superb music.

Jajabara (1975)
Akshaya Mohanty’s music.

Sesha Shrabana (1976)
Good music. Nice performance.

Naiyya is a remake of a very successful Odia language movie Shesha Shrabana. The Odia movie is also directed by Prashanta Nanda, and starring himself and Mahaswata Roy.

Nagaphasa (1977)
Akshaya Mohanty’s music. Bijay Mohanty’s anti-hero performance.

Swapna Sagar (1983)
Good music and drama.


Maya Miriga (1984)
A well-told story of a family caught between aspirations and harsh reality.

Sashti (1989)
Well, the adaptation of the novel. Nice performance. Dialogues of Dukhiram Swain.

Daiba Daudi (1990)
Good music. The classic example of how remakes should be made, unlike frame-to-frame copy.

Kathantara (2005)
Performance of Anu Choudhury. The Odisha after the super cyclone.


Puja Pain Phula Tie (2007)
The best Odia movies on friendship, a friendship between Pooja & Mickey.


Jai Jagannath (2007)
The film is based on Sriya Chandaluni, an untouchable, shows might and power as she dares to pray and wins over Goddess Lakshmi. But Lord Jagannath rejects this development at the request of his brother Balram.

The flm was released in 15 languages.Besides Odia & Hindi,it’s dubbed versions were released in English, Bengali, Assamese, Chhattisgarhi, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Nepali languages.

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Naiyya is a remake of a very successful Oriya/Odia movie Sesha Shrabana directed by Mr.Prashanta Nanda starring himself and Maheswata