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Daru of Lord Balabhadra for Nabakalebara 2015 declared


After Lord Sudarshana , the 2st Holy neem tree “Daru” has been declared of  Lord Balabhadra  .The holy tree has been identified first by Shree Jagannath Temple Administration. The daru of Lord Sudarshana was 1st  indentified and declared by the administration at Gadakuthunia , Near Balakati of Khurda district.(Near Chausathi Jogini Temple) .The 2nd daru was identified at Kanakpur , Sarala Pitha , Jagatsinghpur . The holy tree has all the identification marks – Sankha , Chakra , Gada , Padma and Snake (Sarpa) engraved to it. The devotees from different areas have gathered and are able to have darshan of daru from a distance. As per rituals , the holy daru will be transported by a hand drawn cart (Sagada) made up of Banyan and tamarind tree .SJTA Chief Suresh Mohapatra has confirmed the news. He along with Tourism & Culture Secretary Arabinda Padhee visited the place and reviewed all preparations. The Daitapati is already on the site, whileBanajaga Yatra members will reach the spot by Sunday.The darus of Lord Jagananth and Devi Subhadra will be announced soon.

About Nabakalebara :  Nabakalebara literally means “New Body” is an ancient ritual associated with most of the Lord Jagannath Temples when the Idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan are replaced by a new set of Idols. This usually occurs every 12  – 19 years when a  year which has two months (Adhika masa) of Ashadha as per the Hindu Calendar and that year  is auspicious for conducting the ceremony. more …

How to reach Jhankada Sarala Pitha : Badambadi -> Link Road -> OMP Square -> Kandarpur -> Raghunathpur (Cuttack – paradeep Road) -> Tarpur -> Jaipur -> Sarala Gate – > Enter Gate and about 5 kms from There

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