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Chattia bata dham Lord Jagannath temple


Chattia is located in Jajpur district of Odisha. The historic place is located a few miles from Tangi, Cuttack. Chattia marks the border of Cuttack & Jajpur district. It takes 40 mins on the road to reach Chattia from Cuttack. The temple of Lord Jagannath at Chattia bata Dham is associated with the Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

It is believed that one day the deities will abandon their abode in Puri and come to Chhatia. The belief is according to Malika, a prophecy by saint Achyutananda Das. The greatest saint and one among the Panchsakhas, Achyutananda Das had predicted the arrival of the trinity to Chhatia after the sea engulfs the holy town. As per the 15th-century famous book Udhhab Bhakti Pradayani.

It is written by saint Achyutananda Das that one day Lord Jagannath will leave his Puri temple and come in Chhatia bata Dham. After Puri mandir, Ananta Gopal temple or Chattia bata Dham is regarded as the second abode of Lord Jagannath.

According to the priests & devotees of the temple, Lord Jagannath will return to Chhatia along with his brother and sister someday. Keeping His ‘return’ in mind, construction work is going on in the temple. On your visit to the temple, you will come to witness a lot more about Lord Jagannath.

Never miss visiting the holy place if you are a true disciple of Lord Jagannath.

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How to go To Chattia from Cuttack?

Cuttack Badambadi —> Link Road  —> OMP Square  —> Jagatpur —> Manguli Chowk —> Tangi —> Chattia

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