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Chalo Puri Dham devotional album



Lord Jagannath’s chariot festival is round the corner and all his devotees must have packed the luggage for Puri . Lord Jagannath’s city Puri is all set to welcome the new deities to the chariot . Devotees are also eagerly waiting to welcome the new Lord in the new chariot. Odia music director , Lyricist and singer Amit Tripathy has come up with his new hindi devotional music album  “Chalo Puri Dham” after his last week released Odia devotional  jagannath album “Jagata Jagannatha Maya” . Like the last one Amit dedicates the devotional music album to all devotees of Lord Jagannath and specially for those who are coming Puri this Nabakalebara ratha Yatra 2015. This year the car festival will be special for  Lord Jagannath’s Nabakalebara . So make the festival special with the devotional album “Jagata Jagannatha Maya”  . All the  songs of the album are written and composed by Amit Tripathy and sung by renowned singers of Ollywood – Amit ,Shanti raj Khosla , Abhijit Mishra & Nishi Prabha .The devotional music album “Chalo Puri Dham” is officially released by OdiaLive.com .

About Nabakalebara 2015 : Nabakalebara literally means “New Body” is an ancient ritual associated with most of the Lord Jagannath Temples when the Idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan are replaced by a new set of Idols. This usually occurs every 12  – 19 years when a  year which has two months (Adhika masa) of Ashadha as per the Hindu Calendar and that year  is auspicious for conducting the ceremony. more …

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