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Applique works of Pipili


Applique works of Pipili Odisha. Pipili of Odisha is situated on the main road of Bhubaneswar to Puri, is famous for designing beautiful applique handicrafts. Applique works of Pipili are also known as patching cloth designs. The local name of this handicraft is Chandua.

The craft form is intertwined with the rituals and traditions of Lord Jagannath of the world-famous Puri temple unlike the other art forms of the state. The applique items are mainly used during the processions of the deities in their various ritual outings.

Items like Chhati, Tarasa Chandua, etc. are used for this purpose. As a legend, the Pipili derived its name from Pirs (holy Muslim ) The applique work in its colorful best is most prominent in the cloth cover of the three chariots of the presiding deities in which the Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra travel every year during the Ratha Yatra or Car Festival.

Pipili is also known for its patching cloth design. The local name of this handicraft is Chandua. On the main road at Pipili there are many shops selling Applique work products. The tourist visiting Puri buy these products from Pipili.

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