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Agnipath Scheme. Know All About this Amazing Scheme

Agnipath Scheme. Know All About this Amazing Scheme: India is investing more in the field of defense. Starting from purchasing military weapons to making Atmanirbhar equipments or the equipments Made in India, India is taking every possible steps to strengthen its military power.

The major headache for India is the border issues. The frequent clashes are happening between the countries, those who are sharing a border with India. In recent days India-China border issues goes to a top-level of a clash where the dragon army was damaged severely by the Indian Army near the Sino-Indian border.

In the Northern part, the regular fight in-between India and Pakistan is very common. Border Security Forces are taking very tough steps to minimize and neutralize the terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

So to tackle all these ongoing military issues, India is now going to increase the number of military personnel specifically youths in all the three forms of military service.

On the 14th June, Defense minister Rajnath Singh launched a new scheme ‘Agnipath’ with a change in soldiers’ recruitment procedure.

Agnipath Scheme. Know All About this Amazing Scheme

– Now the age group of 17.5 to 21 can proudly join The Indian Army for 4 years including a training period.

– Those who will join under this scheme will be known as the ‘Agniveers’

– More than 46 thousand Agniveer likely to be recruited this year.

– Their salaries will be between ₹ 35 to 40 thousand per month. The 1st year salary will be Rs 4.76 lakhs(approx.) later will be upgraded to 6.92 lakhs (approx.) in the 4th year.

-They can avail Non-Contributory Insurance cover of ₹ 48 Lakhs after joining the service.

– After completing their service (4years) 25% of the total batch will be enrolled in the Regular cader.

– After completing 4 years of service they will be paid ‘SevaNidhi’, under which they can avail of financial support of ₹ 11.71 Lakhs. It will help them to fulfill their dream.

Agnipath Scheme

The scheme is definitely going to help India to face any military issues in a full swing. All these youth forces definitely will help to make India stronger and better.

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