Aerial Footage of ISF 2016 Will Allow You To Understand How beautiful the beaches of Odisha Truly Are.



This video will no doubt give you serious travel goals.It is that time of the year where the feeling called wanderlust sweeps through us ! This drone footage shot by a Vlogger  & traveler Vishwajeet Dash @ ISF2016 along the pristine shores of Ramachandi’,will give serious traveling targets.ISF 2016 was greater than a party of surfing. A variety of artwork, music and swell it brought surf enthusiasts together along with lens men and artists, musicians, designers all over India.The festival establish a good example of eco friendly methods for living on a shore and also had a double pronged strategy of propagating the message of self sustainability.

Although the festival has extensively been recognized and applauded from the other side of the festival list, the recognition for ISF is low and this video will certainly alter that. It offers a glance of the breathless beauty the shores of Odisha are endowed with. Vishwajeet started researching it and equipped himself with drone as well as some of cameras. What followed was  very exciting & worth watching. Have a Look !


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