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6 Odia musical gems that make brother-sister bonding special !

Every occasion has its own charm and sweetness and there are songs for every occasion or festive in our Odia films . Over the years, these songs have become evergreen and we celebrate our festivals with these songs. From those special collections, we have selected songs for Raksha Bandhan.

These songs celebrate the relationship between siblings with emotional depth and fervor. If we dug into the past, we will find songs full of emotions that represent the relationship beautifully, in good filmi style.…


Here are the best 6 songs which narrate the brother – Sisters love…..

  1. Rakhi Rakhi tu Rahilu Sakhi – Sathire
  2. Bhai tate  mora rahila rana – Rakhi bandhili mo Rakhiba Mana
  3. Mo akhi tara tu mo jhulana chanda lo – Pheria mo Suna Bhauni
  4. Khusi lo Khusi – Don
  5. Suna rupa Gauni – Rakhi Bhiji gala akhi luha re
  6. Luha Tope Jhari gale – Akashe ki Ranga Lagila

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