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5 beautiful destinations for a weekend trip from the twin city of Odisha


Thinking of what to do during your weekends in the twin city of Odisha – Cuttack & Bhubaneswar. If you are staying the twin city of Odisha here is a must-see list of best weekend trips from Cuttack & Bhubaneswar. After a long and tiring week, taking that weekend tour can transcend you from that chain of monotony in your life. Then what you waiting for! Plan, Gear up and start!

Deras Dam and Jhumka, Bhubaneswar: Deras Dam and Jhumka are two beautiful tourist destinations located in the Khurda district. The distance between Deras & Bhubaneswar is about 15 km. Deras and Jhumka are actually two dams but the exhilarating scenic beauty of the place has made it a good picnic spot. Thousands of picnickers visit this place to enjoy a day out in the lap of nature every winter. Three heavily dense forested hills surrounded the dams on three sides and the remaining side is all covered with water up to the horizon. It is a place worth visiting. Bamboo house is another beautiful thing to watch out in Deras. The place is quite beautiful for photography.


The distance of Deras Dam from Bhubaneswar – 25 km

Ansupa Lake: The Ansupa Lake is situated on the lap of Saranda and Bishnupur hills, Cuttack District, Odisha, India. The main attraction of the lake is its natural beauty. This small but extremely picturesque lake holds a prominent position in the tourist map of Odisha for its beauty, proximity to Cuttack and the fact that till the recent past, it used to play host to migratory birds during winter.

Distance of Ansupa Lake from Cuttack – 40 km

Dhabaleswar Temple, Choudwar: Dhabaleshwar Temple is located 37 km from Cuttack city, Odisha, India . Devoted to Lord Shiva, this godly shrine with its pure green environs, lifts up one’s spirits to a morally superior plane. The temple is based on a tiny mountain peak on a small island in the river Mahanadi. The isle is naturally very rich and is contentment to the eyes of a sightseer.

Dhabaleswar Temple is located on an exotic island in the Mahanadi river.Lying on the banks of the river,the temple thus provides a picturesque view of the watercourse.Another attraction for the visitors is the hanging bridge from Mancheswar to the temple.

Distance of Dhabaleswar Temple from Cuttack – 37 km

Satkosia Tiger Reserve , Angul : Satkosia Tiger Reserve is located across the magnificent gorge over the river Mahanadi.This reserve is an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts.You can enjoy the scenic beauty around,spot rare aquatic birds and basking crocodiles while rejoicing in the joyful boat ride.

The distance of Satkosia Tiger Reserve from Cuttack – 136 km

Barunei & Atri, Bhubaneswar: The beautiful destination is just about 32 km away from Bhubaneswar.Barunei hill is one of the most favorite places.Calm and serene, this hill is famous for Maa Barunei’s temple.There is a beautiful stream flowing down the hill that enhances its beauty. A few kilometers away, the hot water spring called Atri is located. People are always eager to witness nature’s magic of pouring steaming water from its core.

The distance of Barunei & Atri from Bhubaneswar – 32 km

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