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4 New films on Sidharth TV this Raja festival

4 New films on Sidharth TV this Raja festival. Sidharth Network has launched 3 new channels named Sidharth Bhakti, Sidharth TV, and Sidharth Gold respectively. The group of channels brings a variety of entertainment shows for regional television viewers. The people of Odisha will be celebrating the Raja festival this month and on the Odia festival of Raja, Sidharth TV of the Sidharth network will air 4 blockbuster high-budget movies in the world Television premiere consecutively from 13 June to 16 June 2021.

The 4 days are the most important days of one of the biggest festivals of Raja. Raja Parba inaugurates and welcomes the agricultural year all over Odisha.

The promoter of Sidharth Network group Mr. Sitaram Agarwal had first brought the Raja festival on to a reality show platform named “Raja Queen” in the year 2013 and now he has again done the same in 2021 by launching Raja Sundari which is already being telecast on Sidharth TV. Mr. Agarwal is known for his creative inputs in the Odia entertainment industry be it in form of films, or in form of music albums, daily soaps, and reality shows.

The new Tv channel is also telecasting Raja Sundari which is already being telecast on Sidharth TV.
And now raising the bar, Sidharth TV has gone a step forward by doing World Television Premieres consecutively these 4 days.

The 4 films are Super Michua, Tokata Fasigala, Laila O Laila and Bapa tume Bharidusta.

Laila O Laila Cast & Crew

Screenplay, Editing & Direction: Susant Mani
Produced by: Sitaram Agrawal & Namita Agrawal
Banner & Music Label: Sarthak Music Pvt. Ltd.
Story: Sidharth
Dialogue: Dr. Nirmal Nayak
VFX & Graphics: Binay Sutar
Asst. Editor: Rajendra Mohanta
Cinematographer: Subhransu Das
Song Mixing: Sitaram Agrawalla & Swapnajit Sabath
Lyrics: Arun Mantri, Dr. Nirmal Nayak, Subrat Routray
Music: Baidyanath Dash, Subrat Routray
Singers: Humane Sagar, RS Kumar, Sourin, Asima Panda, Amy Dash, Nibedita & Ananya Sritam Nanda
Cast: Swaraj & Sunmeera, etc.
Genre: Romance, Drama

Super Michua Cast & Crew

a Sarthak Films Presentation.

STARRING: Babushan and Jhilik and others.


DIALOGUE: Ranjit Pattnaik

MUSIC: Bikash Dash

Bapa Tum Bhari Dusta Cast & Crew

Directed by: T. Ganesh
Produced by: Sitaram Agrawal & Namita Agrawal
Production Co.: Sidharth Music, Sidharth TV
Dialogue: Dr. Nirmal Nayak
Editor: Rajesh Dash
Choreographer: Lubun-Tubun, Amit Nayak
D.O.P: Pratap Rout
Lyrics: Arun Mantri
Music: Baidyanath Dash
Cast: Pradyumna Lenka, Jay, Samita & others
Genre: Comedy

Tokata Fasigala Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ramesh Rout
Produced by: Sitaram Agrawal & Namita Agrawal
Banner & Music Label: Sidharth TV & Sarthak Music
DOP: Pratap Rout
Dialogue: Dr. Nirmal Nayak
Action: Sailendra
Choreographer: Amit Nayak & Sudhakar Vasant
Singers: Nibedita, Humane Sagar, Sourin Bhatt, RS Kumar, Asima Panda, Arpita, Kousik, Sabyasachi & Papu Pom Pom
Lyrics: Arun Mantri & Dr. Nirmal Nayak
Music: Baidyanath Dash
Cast: Sabyasachi Mishra, Elina Samantray, Papu Pom Pom, Lipsa, Priyanka, Linkan & others
Genre: Comedy

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