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20 things that every Katki do during Durga Puja


It is October and the wait for Durga Puja is in its last leg. Unlike Bengalis , Katkis too now be called fairly desperate to meet their ‘Goddess Durga Maa’ at their Sahi Puja Mandaps . From Shopping to favourite dish at home, here are some things you do during Durga Puja …


1. Count down begins from the day of Sradha Mahalaya and you start explaining time by the unit of Mahalaya. Like ‘I can meet you three days after Mahalaya..’

2.The sight of Kaash flowers in the bank of Katha Jodi and Mahanadi river swaying on your way make your feel the festive is round the corner and brings a smile on face .


3. You pick up the phone only to ask “Aji kou kou sahi medha dekhibaku jiba” (Which area are we going today?)

nimchauri-cuttack-durga-medha-cuttack4.Girls and women look forward to wearing their favorite collection and the planning for shopping and Puja celebration begins a month earlier.

5.The tune that consistently plays in your head is “Ame ta bobal karibu medha eithi rahiba” . Click to Download latest Durga Puja Song.

6.Office work looks bearable, because in the evenings, the relatives at home , Melodies , Dance Programs and Puja pandal hopping await you.


7. If you are out of city , the your ticket must be ready in your wallet and if your not planning , then you will know the pain on the Puja week , specially when your friends call and say “amara ethara Berhampur Baja au Nua Chandi Medha heichi” (This year we will have Berhampur Band and New Silver Medha)


8.You start enquiring about the list of new Chandi Medha , a month prior to Puja .

Special Durga Puja songs by famous Odia Singer T.Shourie . Click to Download

9. You start collecting lastest Dj and dance songs withe evergreen Bhasani songs like Chata Upare kielo , Rasa bati bilasa , Riban fita , dudu pee and many more . Add Jay Maa Durga , Oye Oye to your collection this Puja .


cuttack bhasani

10.Your phone only has photos of half done, incomplete Durga maa idols from your Puja committee and nearby pandal.

11.You look forward to the food stalls and unending plates of your favorite Dahi bara , Gupchup and Chat with desi Kulfi .

12.Forget Bhangra and Hip-hop, your favourite form of dance suddenly becomes the “Dance at immersions with the beats of band , Djs , Sambalpuri & Balangir Baja”.

13.Your Facebook status messages are all about ‘The festive season begins’, ‘Watching Melody at Badambadi’ , ‘Enjoying Ravana Podi at Gadagadia Ghat’ and ‘Watching Bhasani at Mangalabagh’ and expect everyone to get it.

14.  Odia films without Durga Puja is like eating only dahibara without aludam and guguni .

15. You prefer walking or cycle than bike/car to avoid traffic and reach the maximum number of Puja Mandaps .In other days walking 500 m seems like 5 kms , but during Puja and immersion 10 kms walk seems like a 10 m walk .


16.Sleeping up late and waking up by 6 am and visiting your Puja Mandaps is absolutely no problem at all.

17.The prospect of eating khichudi , Dalma and Kheer prasad makes you go ‘Yummy’ instead of ‘Mutton Kasa ?’

18.Men look forward to puja because that is the only time their women look like a real goddess every hour of the day for four whole days!

19.When you are happy and sad at the same time, because Maa comes and goes in 4 days and it is all too much for you…

20.The entire city turns desert the day after immersion and you starts counting Durga Puja 364 days left !



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